Tips for minecraft you may not know.

This website is about minecraft. It is a guide for beginner players and helps you start off a survival world

The main thing people get wrong is killing animals find an ocean and harvest kelp and put it in a furnace to cook and then eat it. As kelp is easy to find in the ocean. Next tip build a hobbit hole and make it really nice and after you have resourses then build your big base. You will also want to create an iron farm using villigaers and zombies. If you have followed these tips so far, you are one step closer to being a pro minecrafter. But you are not unless you have that one minecraft thing you are good at. Mine is building but some peoples may be redstone or somthing like that

I would recommend checking out Docm77s tutorial on building an iron farm if you are struggling on the build yourself. It is quite easy if you know how. Another thing to check out try to build a item sorter.

Here are my favourite blocks to build with.

  • Sea Lantern
  • Dark gray concrete
  • Stone Bricks
  • And My Most Favourite of all Dirt for scafolding
Click Here For Some Minecraft Videos.